Future plans

Yesterday we held a steering group meeting on Skype with the partners from South Africa, Brazil and Finland. We checked the status of the initiative and discussed a bit about the future plans.

What will happen in the next coming weeks and months?

Short term plans (before December 10th):

  • Gathering in a single document all the results of the first year: publications, software etc.;
  • Publishing the study reports on this site.

Long(er) term plans (2-6 months ahead):

  • Making the MobilED platform in general more stable;
  • Developing, testing and improving the MMS communication;
  • Prepare Memorandum of Understanding document for all the network members;
  • School pilots in Helsinki (February);
  • School pilots in Sao Paolo (February);
  • Teacher training pilots in some locations;
  • Pilots with the Internet Tablets (Nokia 770)

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